How To Enhance Your PC Speed

Enhance PC Speed

While you can perform numerous tasks seamlessly on your Windows system when it is new, it starts showing signs of diminishing performance over time due to extensive usage. The common reasons behind outperforming PC performance include cluttered disks pace, fragmented storage space, outdated software, outdated drivers, outdated apps, unnecessary apps & services, and more.

If you are facing these issues on your system that is causing performance lags, then it’s time to boost your system speed & performance by following few simple yet effective steps. Let’s discuss some of these steps here.

Use Disk Cleanup Utility:

Disk Cleanup utility comes as built-in solution to help you deal with cluttered disk space. It helps you find & clean all junk files & folders on your system to recover valuable disk space. To use this utility, simply follow these steps.

  • Search & select “disk cleanup” from the search bar on the taskbar.
  • Select the drive that you want to clean on the pop-up window.
  • Once you are on Disk Cleanup window, sift through all the files & folders to find ones that you want to delete.
  • To delete any of these files, simply select it and press OK button.

You can also use this utility to clean unnecessary system files. To do this, simply tap on “Clean up system files” button and select the drive you want to clean. It will simply help you find & delete all unnecessary system files in a jiffy. In addition to using built-in PC cleanup utility, you can also use best PC optimizer apps for instant & effective results.

Defrag System Storage:

Disks on your system gets fragmented over time when you keep on adding & deleting files & programs. Fragmented disk cause lot of performance issues like crashes, lags, freezes and more. To defrag disk on Windows 10, follow these steps.

  • Go to the search bar on the taskbar and search for “defrag”.
  • From results, select “Defragment and optimize drives” option.
  • Once you are on Optimize Drives window, select the disk drive you want to optimize.
  • Select the Optimize button to simply defrag it.

Update Drivers:

Outdated drivers also cause certain performance issues on your system. Furthermore, it also causes security issues when you are using outdated drivers on your system. To update drivers on your Windows 10 system, simply follow these steps.

  • Go to the search bar on the taskbar and search & select “Device Manager”.
  • Once you are on Device Manager window, simply expand the category of the device driver that you want to update.
  • Once you have selected the driver category, right-click on it and select “Update Driver” option.
  • Here, you will find two options to select from:
  • Select “Search automatically for updated driver software” to update driver software automatically.
  • Select “Browse my computer for driver software” to browse the location manually to locate and install driver software.

In addition to the above mentioned manual step, you can also use best driver updater software tools for Windows to instantly update all your drivers instantly.

Uninstall Unnecessary Apps:

Your system accumulates lot of unnecessary apps & programs over time. This unnecessary lot of junk apps & programs not only occupies valuable space on your system, but it also makes your system run slow. You can find the built-in option on your Windows 10 system to find & uninstall all such unnecessary apps in a jiffy. To uninstall these unwanted apps on your system, simply follow these steps.

  • Go to Start menu > Settings and select System on the Settings menu.
  • Select “Apps & Features” from the left pane. It will display you all the installed apps on your system in the right -pane.
  • To uninstall any of these apps, simply select it and press the Uninstall button given below the app.
  • Confirm the deletion and it will instantly remove the app from your device.

Update Software:

Up-to-date software brings you lot of benefits including improved system performance and reduced security threats. Here, you get regular software updates automatically that helps you keep your system up-to-date. In case, you have missed these automatic updates, then you can also try manually updating software. To do this, follow these steps.

  • Open Settings.
  • Tap on Update & Security.
  • Tap on Windows Update.
  • Here, tap on Check for Updates button.
  • It will help you find all available updates and install it on your system.
  • Restart the system once the update has been downloaded on your PC.

So, these are a few simple yet effective steps you can follow to enhance your PC speed & performance. If you know more such steps to boost system performance, then feel free to comment below.

Dinesh Lakhwani is a senior content specialist at Systweak Software. He loves to write about common Windows problems & solutions. He never forgets to share the importance of PC optimizer tools to keep your Windows performance intact. In his leisure time, he loves to go on long bike rides.

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